Potsil was developed at our orchard farm-based facility near Faversham in Kent. It is designed to enhance and maximise the cell-structure of your plants and flowers.

Potsil boosts performance by allowing your plant to maximise sunlight absorption ~ promoting the growth rate through accelerated photosynthesis.

Potsil will provide more stem and leaf strength and enhances the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and silica.

Potsil is a modified horticultural grade liquid Potassium Silicate. It is a safe and easy to use treatment that provides supplemental potassium and silicon. Research proves that plants benefit from supplemental soluble silicon. These benefits include greater tolerances to cold, heat, drought, salinity, mineral toxicity or deficiency, improved growth rates and resistance to insects and fungi.

Soluble silicon promotes natural fungal defence mechanisms in plants, significantly reducing and, in many cases eliminating, the need to use fungicides. Silicon deposited within the plant cell walls makes plants resistant to small sucking insects. This increased strength will enhance leaf presentation and stem strength.

The Philippines: Trials are currently being carried out on banana and pineapple plantations in the Philippines. For information in purchasing our product for use in Southeast Asia please go to our contact us page.

The product is available in a range of bottle and tin sizes to suit all your requirements.