Potsil is a highly concentrated liquid and will make up to 10000 times the original volume. All our products are supplied with different sized syringes to suit the particular bottle size, enabling you to measure your dosage rates accurately.

2.0 mls of Potsil added to 10 litres of water will produce a solution containing:

46 ppm of silicon (as Si02).

22 ppm of potassium (as K20).


Young Plants: Add 1.0 ml per 10 litres of tepid water.

Mature Plants: Add 2.0 ml per 10 litres of tepid water.

Use a fine atomiser and spray until run-off.

When treating indoor light-assisted plants, spray as a light mist towards the end of the light cycle.

It is recommended that you carry out spot tests to single leaves proir to initialising full spray routines to check for plant sensitivity.


Add 2.0 ml per 10 litres of tepid water.


Potsil can also be used as a PH raiser due to its high alkalinity (11.5–12.5 PH). Add gradually to nutrient tank until desired PH has been reached.


Can be added to your nutrient tank as a supplemental additive. Usually at an addition rate of 2.0ml per 10 litres of final solution.

Additions of Potsil will effect the PH as it is an alkaline solution, so you may need to drop the final nutrient solution slightly via a 'PH Down' modifier usually in the form of dilute phosphoric or nitric acid.


Add 1.0 ml of Potsil per 10 litres of water with your regular watering program.